Ships fitted with cargo deck crane systems, bulk discharge systems and hatch cover systems built by Coops & Nieborg meet (inter-)national standards and requirements and sail around the world.

Support structure

Short facts:

  • High quality welding, for dynamic stressed construction

Grab Discharger

Short facts:

With its fully automatic and independent function, the grab discharger allows one man to unload tons of cargo. The system consist of: a mobile portal and bunker with belt conveyor, a special 4-rope grab, hoisting gear, an E house and a control cabin. The different components are geared to unloading needs, whereby the minimum capacity is around 500 m³ and the maximum capacity around 2,000 m³ per hour. The “seaworthy” grab discharger can also be adapted for industrial applications if required.

  • Simple and reliable concept
  • Designed for marine conditions
  • Full automatic operation (incl. wheel house control)
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Capacities between 500 m3/h up to 2000 m3/h
  • Low weight of machine (≅ 90 kg per m3/h)
  • Compact machine (height ≅ 5 m, length ≅ 8 m)
  • Boom conveyors up to 50 m and 270° slewing range
  • Integrated in the ships electrical system (no extra generators)
  • Low average consumed power of machine (≅ 0,16 kW per m3/h)

Belt Conveying Systems

Complete automated systems to generate constant flow to quay