Ships fitted with cargo deck crane systems, bulk discharge systems and hatch cover systems built by Coops & Nieborg meet (inter-)national standards and requirements and sail around the world.

Weather Deck Hatch Covers

Tweendeck hatchcovers are suitable for various cargoes including paper and can also be used as grain bulkheads. The hatches can be raised and moved by either the hatchcover gantry crane or the harbour crane. A wide range of tweendeck supports is also available.

  • Short facts:
    Suitable for various cargoes

Tween deck panels

Cargo deck crane systems built by Coops & Nieborg have a durable construction,
an ingenious design, low maintenance and a long working life.

  • Upperclass slewing rings are fitted

Hatch cover gantry crane

Hatchcover gantry cranes are available in all sizes. They are fully hydraulic and can lift and move both hatch covers and tweendeck hatchcovers / grain bulkheads. Cranes can also be fitted with winches and store cranes.

Short facts:

  • Long working life
  • Available in any size
  • Excellent load management
  • Nylon rollers
  • All axles, conducting strips, protective covers and conduits in stainless steel
    Low maintenance